Lumbar spondylosis is a degenerative condition which causes the compression of space between vertebras. As a result, it causes compression of nerve fibers and the spinal cord. This condition can be identified with some major symptoms such as low back pain, numbness, weakness and changed sensation.

In most cases, inflammatory changes occur, which then cause enhanced sensitivity of nerves. As a result, it causes aggressive and chronic symptoms of lumbar spondylitis. This condition affects joints of the spine, mid back, facet in the neck, lower back and lumbar spine. In such cases, a permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis is necessary.

 Ayurvedic Treatment for Lumbar Spondylosis  

Other names of this condition are neck arthritis or cervical osteoarthritis, which may occur after 30 years. The condition causes wear and tear of bones and cartilage of the spine and neck.

Is lumbar spondylosis serious? Though the condition is rare and occurs in a few people but, it may become a chronic neck arthritis condition. People who take less calcium and have low bone density are at risk of this condition.

Lumbar spondylosis occurs between the vertebras such as L4, L5 and the first vertebra of the lumbar spine.

There are many reasons for this condition which include:

  • Genetic abnormality
  • Heavy weightlifting
  • Physical labour
  • Extra exercise
  • Ageing
  • Injury to the spine
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Driving two wheeler
  • Bad sleep posture
  • Bending in the forward direction

 Lumbar Spondylitis Treatment with Home Remedies  

Lumbar spondylitis is the main condition that may result from the narrowing spaces between the vertebras which then cause compression of nerve fibers. Some symptoms of this condition include pain in the lower back, change in sensation, weakness of legs and numbness.

In most cases, inflammation occurs, which then causes enhanced sensitivity of the nerves. From aggressive to chronic symptoms, this condition causes pain in the mid back, facet joints, spine, lumbar spine and lower back. In such a case, you need to focus on a permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis.

 Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment in Ayurveda  

Lumbar spondylosis has some associated conditions such as herniated disc, bulging disc, bone spur and osteoarthritis. All these are the spinal abnormalities that may become the risk factor. As a result, these extend the spinal canal and put pressure on the nerves. Sciatic nerves compress at L5 and S1 which then cause sciatica.

 Signs & Symptoms of Lumbar Spondylosis  

  • You may feel pain, weakness, deadness and itching feeling in your hand, arm, shoulder and neck.
  • Low back pain, which may then spread to knees and thighs.
  • Feel itchiness and deadness around the anus or genitals
  • Facing challenges to control bowel movements
  • You may feel pain by raising your legs, coughing and straining
  • Standing or moving for a long time may cause pain
  • Heavy weight lifting and bending may cause pain to increase in the spine region
  • Feeling tired, anxious and sleepless are the causes of lumbar spondylosis


permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis

Bone spur:

It is the condition in which extra bone starts growing around the body. So it puts pressure on soft spinal areas which then cause painful sensation.

Dehydrated spinal disc:

The spinal cord disc is thick and soft with cushioned pads that can absorb shock and impacts. So, with time, the gel in the disc gets dry and causes dehydration.

Herniated disc:

Gel material starts leaking for any reason, which then compresses the spinal cord and nerves. As a result, it causes deadness and sciatica.

  • Injury
  • Overweight
  • Smoking inactive lifestyle
  • Anxiety
  • Accident
  • Rigidity of ligament
  • Heavy lifting or extra physical movement

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 Risk Factors Related to Lumbar Spondylitis  


permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis


With time or due to some conditions, body weight starts increasing, which then puts pressure on the lower back discs.


In most cases, a slipped disc comes from genetics, which then causes a herniated disc.


People who stand or sit for a long time and invest more energy in lifting heavy weights, they are at high risk of herniated disc condition.

 Spondylosis Treatment in Ayurveda  

In Ayurveda, spondylosis is the cause of pain, swelling and rigidity in the body. This condition is a sign of Vata dosha, so you have to balance it. Also, this condition is like Kati Vata which is the type of sandhigatvata. Some terms of back pain include Kati Graha, Prishta Shula and Kati Shula.

In Ayurveda, vata may worsen with time, which then causes pain and degeneration of the lumbar spine. Some factors that may cause worsening of vata include:

  • High exposure to cold
  • Consumption of cold items
  • Sour food
  • Sleepless nights
  • Excess ingestion of grams, peas and potatoes


  • Physical check-up
  • Test impulses
  • Check muscle weakness
  • Range sign of neck


  • X-ray
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • EMG

Nerve conduction study

In Ayurveda, the common treatment to cure lumbar spondylitis is to balance the Vata Dosha. In that case, many herbal remedies, Panchakarma processes and Upakarmas methods or external therapies that are done to relax muscles and reduce swelling around tissues and nerves.

In Ayurveda, nerve injury may recover and muscles get strengthened. Ayurveda offers recovery and nourishment to nerves and injured muscles which then start recovery of degenerated herniated discs.

Not only focus on internal and external treatments for lumbar spondylosis. While you must consider your balanced diet, the best medicine for lumbar spondylosis and your lifestyle. Practice some yoga positions to get instant and better relief.



permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis

Kati Basti

In this condition, the therapist uses medicated oil to apply on the lower back to hydrate the degenerative disc. For this, a tiny hole in the lower back is made using a dough of black gram. Then, the therapist add Luke’s warm oil into this hole and retained it for almost 45 minutes to 1 hour. Must reheat oil to maintain the warmth in the lower back.


This is the full body massage, which then tones up muscles and enhances blood circulation. Adaptation of this method acts as the traction, which then minimizes the narrowing of the disc and increases intervertebral space.


There are many types of swedanas such as patra sweda (Fresh herbal massage), Bashpa sweda (Steaming), nadi sweda (Steaming using a pipe) or churna pinda sweda (Powder massage).

This therapy, a permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis decrease pain, and toughness in ligaments, enhance blood flow and relieve muscle spasm.


This therapy uses medicated oil and herbal remedies. A large intestine, also known as vata stana so basti can control the vata of lumbar spondylosis. Also, this therapy increase nourishment for bones and muscles and then recovers the severe pain.

Taila or Dhanyamla Dhara

In this therapy, therapist pour the medicated oil and gruel into specific areas in a slow way. As a result, it starts activation of nerves, recovery of muscles and improving blood flow. Also, it can decrease stiffness, pain and deadness.

Upanaha and Lepanam

In this lumbar spondylosis pain relief therapy, the therapist pour medicated paste into the specific area, which then relieves pain, deadness and rigidity. Also, the warmth of this therapy enhances blood circulation.

Moreover, it offers nourishment to muscles and bones and causes instant recovery from serious pain.

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 Physical Therapy for Permanent Cure of Lumbar Spondylosis  


Permanent Cure For Lumbar Spondylosis

A physical therapy is the best and most effective way to treat lumbar spondylosis because of two reasons such as:

  • It can strengthen muscles and support the spine
  • It can help you to keep your spine safe and protected and prevent future injury

Physical therapy can be done in two forms: one is active treatment, and the second is passive treatment.

Passive treatment for a permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis is the way to relax your body and mind. The treatment is called passive, which means you don’t need to get involved in this activity. Your therapy program starts with passive treatments and heals the body if you have interarticularis fractures.

Another treatment is active therapy, which involves therapeutic exercises to strengthen the body and prevent the occurrence of pain due to spondylolisthesis.

 Passive Treatments  

In passive lumbar spondylosis treatment physiotherapy, the following therapies are present:

Deep tissue massage:

In this massage, the therapist targets chronic muscle tension, which may build up with the readjustment of the body to the slipped vertebra. For this, the therapist’s target may point to put pressure and releasing tension in lower back tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Hot and cold therapies:

Another treatment is the hot and cold therapy. In heat therapy for a Permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis in Ayurveda, the therapist enhances blood flow to the injured areas which then carries more oxygen and nutrients to the injured area. Also, this blood can remove waste and by-products, which then cause instant healing.

Cold therapy:

Another name for this therapy is cryotherapy which can slow blood circulation and reduce swelling, pain and spasms. In this therapy, the therapist used to place the cold pack on the affected areas or may give you an ice massage. Another way of this therapy is to spray fluoromethane on the affected area to cool the tissues. This therapy allows your therapist to work with you in stretching the targeted muscles.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation):

In this treatment for a permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis, a TENS machine is useful, which then stimulates muscles through different electrical current intensities. As a result, it can reduce muscle spasms and increase the production of endorphins and natural painkillers.

The therapist uses a large TENS machine. A small machine is also available in the market, which you can use at home. Whether you choose a large machine or a small one, both will be effective in therapy.


It is another therapy which can not only increase blood flow but also reduce muscle spasms, inflammation, pain, rigidity and cramping. It is done by an ultrasound machine, which sends sound waves into the muscle tissues and creates heating, which then improves circulation and healing.

 Active Treatments  

After passive therapy, another treatment way for a permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis is active therapy. In this therapy, your therapist asks you to practice some exercises to enhance strength, stability, motion and flexibility. The active physical therapy program is customizable, which a therapist can customize based on the health and history of the patient. It means one exercise suitable for one patient may not be the perfect option for another patient.

So, if you need active treatment, then you have to learn the right posture and ergonomic rules, which you have to add to daily activities. You may also call all these practices as self-care or self-treatment. Physical therapy helps you to learn some better habits and rules that allow you to take care of your body.

It might be possible that your physical therapist recommends you some customizable exercises in your program. This may be helpful to reduce the risk of back pain and enhance body health. For spondylolisthesis, the therapist suggests abdominal strength, lumbar spondylosis exercises and support your lower back.


Though there are many reasons and symptoms of lumbar spondylosis. So there are also many tests and scans such as MRI, CT scan and X-ray which can identify the issue. As a result, it becomes easier for physiotherapists to identify the seriousness of the condition and the best treatment. A timely permanent cure for lumbar spondylosis is necessary to prevent the spread of the condition in the chronic case.

In some cases, your physiotherapist may recommend you ice and heat treatments. While most therapists recommend medicines and rest. Moreover, the therapist must recommend spinal support through braces or a therapeutic pillow to improve the posture. Plus, proper footwear with foot orthotics is also recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can lumbar spondylosis be cured permanently?

Lumbar Spondylosis, also called Ankylosing Spondylosis, affects the lower spine. This condition is like an arthritis that may cause spinal pain and mobility issues. Though this condition can’t be cured, it is possible to manage the symptoms with the right treatment plan.

Can lumbar Spondylosis have any long-term effects?

This condition is mild, and it can be managed without surgery. If you don’t pay attention to symptoms, then the condition becomes serious, and the only option that remains is surgery. So, recovery may become a long-term case.

What is the best treatment for lumbar spondylosis?

At first, physical therapy is the best treatment for this condition. The therapies can strengthen muscles and support the spine. While in some cases, epidural injection is recommended to reduce swelling and pain. In most cases, short lumbar spondylosis treatment plans for anti-inflammatory and pain medicines are recommended.

What is the most effective treatment for spondylosis?

Non-surgical treatments are the most effective ways to treat the symptoms of spondylosis. These treatments include pain medicines and physical therapies. If spondylosis causes spinal cord compression, then surgery is the only treatment to relieve the pressure.

Can you recover from spondylosis?

Though some people notice relief from pain after a few weeks but it takes much time to heal the condition and develop the full flexibility, mechanics and functionality. In simple, recovery from spondylosis takes some time. While in some cases, lumbar spondylosis surgery is useful

Can physiotherapy cure lumbar spondylosis?

In some cases, physiotherapy is the best way to cure lumbar spondylosis. At first, the physiotherapist checks the severity of the condition. Then recommends treatment to prevent the condition from being chronic.

Can walking cure spondylosis?

Though walking is a low-impact exercise that may be a good treatment for lumbar spondylosis. So you must start a short time, almost 5-10 minutes walking. Then increase the duration to half an hour.