We all want comfortable sleep for almost 7-9 hours. This duration of sleep is necessary to maintain your health. In that case, to get a night of better sleep, you have to rest on the best mattress for back and neck pain. Check the super-quality mattress and say goodbye to discomfort. Welcome to better sleep on your new mattress.

When you have back pain it is obvious you will never get a comfortable sleep. No matter how much time you remain in bed and try to sleep, all in vain. Obviously, you don’t want to feel stressed in turning around the bed for a night of better sleep. All you need is to choose the best mattress for back and neck pain!

 Choose From Our 3 Top Best Mattress for Back and Neck Pain! 

Further, we will guide you about the top 3 best mattresses for back and neck pain that you can buy in 2023. Also, you can explore the best recliner for lower back pain and neck pain in previous Techleadhealth blogs.

1- Avocado’s Green Mattress


Avocado Green mattress is made of soft material with firm support. It is a hybrid mattress containing latex foam and coils in the form of five zones. These zones are the best support for your back and neck.

best mattress for back and neck pain

The wool and latex used in this hard or soft mattress for neck pain is certified. So there are no toxic glues and chemicals used in this mattress. Also, this mattress is safe to sleep in and covers all the strict emission rules.

Moreover, the wool and cotton used in this mattress can regulate temperature. So the mattress is not too hot or too cold.


  • The material used in this best mattress for back and neck pain is certified and high-quality.
  • The mattress is soft and relaxing with supportive coils for the back and neck.
  • The natural material of the mattress makes it super excellent
  • This mattress is not the right option for less-weight people because it doesn’t contour their bodies.

2- Satva’s Hand-Crafted Luxury Mattress


Satva Hand Crafted Luxury Mattress is eco-friendly and is made of recycled steel coils. Also, it has an organic mattress cover made of cotton with flame retardant. The foam of this mattress doesn’t have formaldehyde and other chemicals.

The mattress is customized and allows you to set the firmness you want. In simple words, this mattress is the right option with medium firmness for back pain sufferers. Also, this mattress offers support for back pain. Therefore many specialists prefer this mattress for people who have a severe issue of back pain.

best mattress for back and neck pain

Moreover, this mattress is equipped with lumbar technology. This technology allows you to sleep in any position because it maintains the spinal alignment.

Though this best mattress for neck pain offers support and the right alignment to your spine. So it does not mean that you can compromise on comfort. Buy a mattress along with the pillow top to get cushioning effect. Make sure that the pillow has padding that allows you to hug it tightly.

Many people prefer using this best mattress for back and neck pain. On the scale, it gets a rating of 4.8 out of 5 with many positive reviews. It is possible because it provides support, comfort, and a relaxing effect. So you can sleep the whole night without waking up even a single time.


  • People who use this soft or firm mattress for lower back pain recommend it to others because it is durable
  • The warranty of this mattress is 15 years with a one-year free night trial
  • Pillow toppers of this mattress support any body type and sleeping style
  • This mattress is costly with a price of almost $1,000 so people with a limited budget can’t buy it

3- Helix Dawn Mattress


It is another famous firm hybrid mattress for people who sleep on their back or stomach. While some people recommend it to all users. Commonly it is in a roll form and you have to expand it which takes 40 minutes. But after that, all is set.

The wrapped coils of this mattress are supportive and firm. Also, these coils don’t let you fall when you roll over the entire mattress.

best mattress for back and neck pain

Moreover, the best mattress for neck and shoulder pain has a polyfoam layer to offer a soft effect. The top layer of this mattress is made from latex foam to relieve pressure in your body. Also, it aligns the spine and relieves its pain. As the mattress is firm so it offers full support and prevents you from sinking in the bed.

The plus point is that this mattress is cool at night because it doesn’t only have foam. Some people who use this mattress say that it is extremely cool. Also, some people say they got relief from severe back pain only after one night’s sleep on this mattress.

While some people say that there is not much motion during sleeping with a partner. So it is always recommended to sleep alone.


  • This best mattress for back and neck pain is made of latex foam to relieve pressure
  • The features of this bed are luxurious to minimize pain
  • People say that it is the better option to get rid of pain and remain cool while night
  • You can get a trial for a month and after that, you can’t get refunded money
  • This mattress is present in a heavy box so you need someone to lift that box

 How to Choose the Best Mattresses for Back and Neck Pain? 

We have discussed the most famous mattress for your back pain. But from where to buy such mattresses, it is the main question. Let’s discuss some ways to choose the right mattress for your lower back pain:

 Customer reviews: 

Reviews are the right way to know which mattress and which brand is the best. As many brands claim for a quality product but only reviews can help you to know whether this claim is right or you need to find another brand.

 Company reputation and transparency: 

Make sure to check the reputation of the company from where you have to buy the best type of mattress for lower back pain. A company with good customer service and quality products must be your choice.

 Company policies: 

Many companies offer you a free trial for 14 days or a month. While some companies have a warranty to assure you that you can replace the best mattress for back and shoulder pain in case of a defect.

 Expert visions: 

It is always good to take suggestions from experts about the right mattress. So you will get better sleep and relieve back pain.


Always select the right mattress with super-quality materials and the ability to relieve pain.


We have gone through the best mattress for back and neck pain. All these mattresses are the right choice when you have back pain and can’t get better sleep. Make sure to ask the healthcare expert about your health condition. So it will give you a better idea about doctor recommended mattresses for back pain!

Related FAQs:

Is it better for your back to sleep on a firm or soft mattress?

Yes, sleeping on a soft mattress is the right option to avoid back pain. A soft mattress can support the body and maintain the spinal position. Also, a soft mattress prevents tension in the spinal cord and hips.

Is it good for your back to sleep on a firm mattress?

Yes, a firm and the best orthopaedic mattress for back pain is the right option for people who sleep on their back. It is the most stable and even mattress.

How do I know if my mattress is causing my back pain?

When you fall on the mattress and your spine is not in the neutral position. Then it is the major cause of back pain. Also, you need to know that a soft mattress can affect your back soon than other mattresses. On the other hand, a hard mattress puts pressure on joints.

Which mattress is best for neck and back pain?

A hybrid mattress is the right option for people with back and neck pain. It doesn’t put much pressure on the back and neck.