Maybe you think that boots or shoes are just to cover your feet and make it feel comfortable. But actually, there is a strong connection between your shoes and back that you never have thought of before. You must need best work boots for lower back pain.

Moving your feet not only moves your feet but also the entire lower body moves with your feet. It means your feet are the foundation of your body on which it depends. So if you wear shoes with bad arch support and improper posture then it will only cause chronic back pain issue.

Though different types of footwear are available in the market but the best work boots for lower back pain are safer than others. While if the heel and inner portion of the boots are not even then it will cause an imbalance in posture and affect foot alignment. So this wrong posture and bad alignment will cause back pain.

 Are Boots Bad For Your Back? 

Not at all. The best work boots for feet and back are the better option to get relief from back pain. They are just like your partner so you must choose the right boots to get more comfort that your feet and back need. If you don’t find the right one then you are responsible for the bad results.

best work boots for lower back pain

The best steel toe work boots for lower back pain leave a major impact on your body and feet balance. Your body follows the way your feet move. Your joints are connected with each other. It means when you move one joint, it has an impact on all other joints and as a result also impacts your back.

So when you choose uncomfortable and wrong boots then you just welcome chronic back pain issues. It is why you should always find and check the best work boots for lower back pain from all angles to say goodbye to back pain.

 What Should I Look For in Work Boots for Back Pain? 

When you are looking for the best work boots for back pain then you have to consider some factors. Maybe your priority is the comfort and outlook of the boot but there are also some other factors which need your attention.

best work boots for back pain

Arch Type

At first you need to check the arch support of the best work boots for lower back pain. Though three kinds of arch supports are available in the boots. One is neutral which is good for flat feet, the second is low which is good for special cases and the last one is high for high arches.

Remember that comfort of your orthopedic recommended work boots is based on arch support. So always choose the best arch especially for your feet.

Perfect Cushioning

Cushioning of best work boots for lower back pain refers to soles which are of three types. One is the insole, the second is the midsole and the last is the outsole.

Insole act as the footrest so it must be more comfortable to offer more cushioning. These don’t have a connection with arch support and are removable so you can change them whenever you want.

The midsole is important for all types because it absorbs shock when the insole and outsole connect with each other. So always choose the best boots for back pain women whose insole is made of EVA because midsole and outsole offer arch support.

No High Heels

High heels are the major cause of back pain issues even if you are not suffered yet. For a short time, these are okay to wear but for a long time, these are just painful. So always choose lower back pain boots with short heels or more than 2 inches.

Good Traction

You have to walk in different working sites such as tiles, concrete, gravel and more. So you always need to have the best work boots for hip pain with good traction and suitable for slippery surfaces. Not only the boot with the wrong arch and bad cushioning is responsible for injuries but also the boot with bad traction cause injuries.


Always find the best work boots for lower back pain made of high-quality material and is highly durable because you have to work on different surfaces such as concrete. So in such areas, only durable boots with leather, padded collar, breathable mesh, waterproof features and scratch resistance can work.

 How to Relieve Back Pain Caused by Shoes? 

Till now, you got an idea of how to choose the timberland pro men’s work boot for a working site. Now is the time to discuss what can work better to get relief from back pain issues:

 Use Of Herbal Remedies 

Herbal remedies have been used for many years because they are proven and most effective. Japanese and Chinese people believe in these remedies to treat back pain issues. The better thing is that these remedies have zero side effects. So if you have suffered from pain because of bad boots then you can use turmeric with milk and ginger water to treat back pain.

 Do Regular Stretching 

Stretching is helpful to improve body movement and relieve pressurized muscles and tissues. So do regular stretching to relax all muscles, improve posture and reduce back pain issues.

 Note: Yoga and stretching are very effective in treating your back pain but make sure to consult the doctor before switching to these treatments. 

 Use Of Warmth 

Warmth is another effective to get relief from back pain issue. You can take warmth through a hot shower or heating pad. When you apply it to the affected area, it activates the sensory organs and sends signals to the brain. So your body starts recovering from pain.

 Massage Therapies 

If none of the ligaments or bones are broken then massage therapies work better. Also, massage can improve the oxygen supply to your veins.

Though massage is the better way to treat back pain but if it is done with experienced hands. Don’t try yourself because you don’t have an idea of how to do massage.

 See A Doctor 

If you notice no positive results from the above remedies then it is time to consult the doctor. Your doctor will perform some tests and will suggest you the right treatment.


The connection between back pain and your best work boots for lower back pain is very strong. A wrong boot can cause back pain while a good boot give relief from back pain issue.

So you must find the right boot with good arch support to keep your feet and back comfortable and stable. Also, a right boot can keep the right feet alignment and relax your back muscles. So you may remain pain-free with the right boots.

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Related FAQs:

Can shoes help lower back pain?

Yes, the best work boots for lower back pain have a major role in causing and relieving your back pain. If you wear shoes with bad arch then these cause back pain. While if you wear shoes with good arch and cushioning then these help to recover from back pain.

What is the best solution for back pain?

There are many solutions to treat back pain issues but some of these are costly. So it is better to prevent this issue by the following ways:

  • Regular exercise
  • Remain in the good posture
  • Don’t carry bulky items
  • Sleep properly
  • Sit on the best chair
  • Quit smoking

Why does wearing flat shoes hurt my back?

If you have high or mid arch feet then flat shoes will hurt your back because these shoes don’t keep the right feet posture.

Can standing on concrete all day daily in work boots cause your shin to feel sore?

Yes when you stand on a concrete surface with the wrong shoes then it will cause the shin to feel sore because the concrete surface is rough. So, in this case, you should use a foot massager or the best work boots for back pain.

Does Putting Insole in Boots Relief Back Pain?

Yes, many types of the best insoles for back pain are present in the market, which makes a difference. So buy any reliable orthopaedic insole and reduce your back pain issue.

What is the best work boot for walking on concrete?

Concrete surfaces are rough so you must wear the best work shoes for back pain with good traction, more cushioning and right arch.