Now many people are switching to medical marijuana options to treat back pain issues. However, the use of best weed for back pain is beneficial for many patients suffering from back pain but not for all.

 Some studies showed that the top cannabis strains for back pain relief alleviated back pain in almost 120 patients with no side effects.  While some studies showed that cannabis is a better alternative to traditional medicines for back pain.

To know the best weed for back pain, read this blog and also know how these best weeds are beneficial for your health.

 Analyzing the Benefits of Best Weed for Back Pain 


Best Weed for Back Pain


Chronic back pain is difficult to manage when you have to start a new journey of using cannabis instead of opiates. Commonly marijuana users get relief from back pain issues and other pains so it eliminates their need of using opiates. That is why many patients join different marijuana programs and choose the best marijuana strains for chronic back pain.

 A New Choice for Managing Chronic Back Pain 

Back pain is a life-changing condition. Now doctors recommend many opiate medicines that are not so much effective and only lead to addiction. So in many countries, some other treatments are used as an effective way to treat back pain. One of these treatments is the use of effective weed strains for lower back pain without using harmful medicines.

Each body has different needs and responds differently. So it becomes challenging to find the best weed for back pain according to body needs. In that case you can get help from scientific research to know which strain is better for back pain.

Best Weed for Back Pain

Sciatica is the major pain that follows the spinal nerves pathway and causes compression and inflammation in your back. As a result this pain stops you from performing different tasks and will make life difficult for you.

So medical marijuana best weed for back pain is the better option to relieve such pain. These strains include:

 Northern Lights 

It is the pure and best medical cannabis strain for back pain management. Almost 90% of this strain is a combination of Thai and Afghani strains.

Terpenes are aromatic oils and are made of pinene, myrcene and ocimene. These have special flavours and help to identify the effects. It means some terpenes are beneficial for your pain and help to focus on the effect.

Northern Lights is full of THC and help to relax the body and promote mental health. The most noticeable feature of this strain is the couch lock.

These popular marijuana strains for alleviating back pain won the award of the Best Cannabis Cup Awards in 1980 and 1990. So many patients switch to this strain again and again to manage chronic back pain.


These sativa-recommended cannabis varieties for back pain sufferers are rich in CBD so it improves social ability and helps to enhance the sense of well-being. Also, this strain is famous to reduce chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, migraines and arthritis.


It is a sativa hybrid strain that is a combination of Black Domina and Jack Herer. While Jack is the combination of Shiva Skunk and Haze with Northern Lights.

This terpenes strain has a slight aroma and flavour. While the flowers of this best weed for back pain are wide and dense that have encrusted calyxes. The effects of this strain are long lasting so many people use it.

 OG Kush 

Commonly users prefer OG Kush because it has pain relieving and relaxing properties and strong joyful effects. The aroma of this weed is a combination of pine and wood. The flavour of these top-rated weed strains for treating back pain is sweet and citrus with a spicy twist.

 Blackberry Kush 

It is another strong strain that reduces muscle spasms, depression and chronic pain. Due to more body-numbing features, this strain is better to treat chronic back pain. But take it in less amounts otherwise it will put you to sleep.

 Finding the Right and Best Weed for Back Pain Issue! 

When you have to find out the  best strains for back pain  to treat your lower back pain, you get confused. It is because of the many strains available in the market. Also, you have another issue of supply and demand.

May be you find the best vitamins for back pain  for the first time at a dispensary so it is not necessary that such specific strains will be present next time. So it will be only frustrating for you to go to each dispensary to find the best weed for back pain.

In that case, you have to consult your doctor or budtender to know which strain is the best for your health.


Though back pain is a serious issue and needs proper treatment. But now many people are turning towards the use of cannabis to treat this chronic pain. As using cannabis is effective to relieve pain and other issues compared to the use of opioids. Also, cannabis has less side effects than opioids.

But it is possible only when you take the best weed for back pain in the right dose otherwise there will be no guaranteed positive results.

Many strains of cannabis are present so if one strain is not beneficial then another may be beneficial. So before using any strain, you must consult the doctor and find the right weed and dose.

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Related FAQs:

Can weed really help with back pain relief?

Yes, weeds are effective to reduce inflammation and pain in your lower back. But this effect varies from person to person.

Are there specific weed strains recommended for back pain?

Yes, there are some certain weeds such as with High CBD or balanced CBD and THC to reduce back pain and swelling.

How should I consume weed for back pain relief?

There are many methods of consumption of weeds such as smoking, edibles, tinctures and vaping. Which method suit to you, it is based on preferences and needs. So always consult the doctor before using weeds.

Is weed a long-term solution for back pain?

Though weeds are good to give you temporary relief from back pain issues so you can’t get long-term relief. For long-term relief, you have to switch to the medical treatments and the best supplements for back pain.

Are there any potential side effects of using weed for back pain relief?

Yes, weeds also show side effects such as dry mouth and eyes, more heart rate and dizziness. Also, weeds affect mental health so these are not a good option for those who have certain medical issues.