Though swimming is no impactful exercise but it is good for people who are recovering from surgeries or injuries. Also, it is better for people who feel pain from high-impact exercise. So you must go for the best swimming stroke for lower back pain to burn calories and build muscles to keep yourself refreshing.

 Some studies showed that swimming can relieve back pain issues. Also swimming help in cardiovascular activity and don’t increase pain level. 

 Why Swimming? 

Swimming is the right exercise for everyone. Whether you are an adult or an old man, swimming will surely work for your muscle groups and support your body. Plus swimming is the right and perfect aerobic workout because it gives your joints a good break.

Best Swimming Stroke for Lower Back Pain

For back pain, you need to swim carefully, technically and correctly. So you will definitely feel the difference in your pain. Also, the best swimming stroke for herniated disc maintain weight and improve the immune system and posture.

Does Swimming Help With Back Pain?
Yes, swimming or water exercise is the best way to relax, unwind and loosen up your muscles. Also, swimming reduces pressure on joints so it gives relief from cramping. Moreover, the best swimming stroke for lower back pain reduces compression on nerves.

 Which Best Swimming Strokes for Lower Back Pain is Best? 

If you have back pain issues then it is time to first talk to your chiropractor. He will guide you about the best swimming stroke for back muscles without posing any injury.

Commonly freestyle and backstroke are the preferred strokes for back pain but these need correct technique and form. In these strokes, you need to minimize the extension of the back.

If you feel swimming is very stressful for your body then you may also go for some other water workouts such as:

  • Water walking
  • Water banging
  • Water exercises

Do Some Prep Work!

Whether you have to swim in your home pool or outdoor public pool, you will defiantly love to swim because you know how to do it and feel comfortable in it. But if you don’t know how to swim then it is better to do some prep work and take some routine classes for the best swimming stroke for lower back pain.

Never swim if you are not a super-efficient swimmer otherwise it will put pressure on your back. While when you are experienced to swim in water then you can either go to the shallow water of the pool or you may go water walking to the deep of pool.

Best Swimming Strokes for Lower Back Pain

Best Swimming Strokes for Lower Back Pain!

Your stroke selection may either hurt or harm your back. So it is always necessary to choose the best swimming stroke for sciatica that will perfectly fit your spine and knee pain. For back pain sufferers, the safest strokes are freestyle and backstrokes.

Moreover, snorkel is also helpful for back pain issues. In freestyle, you can use a snorkel so you will not need to lift your head which causes your back to arch. In some cases, when you have severe pain, these strokes with back arching are not a good idea. Also, butterfly and breaststroke cause arch or extension in your back which is also painful.

 How Often and How Long Can You Swim? 

May be you love swimming and want to put your head in the swimming pool daily. But it is not a good thing because like other exercises, more swimming exercises for lower back pain cause issues. So keep your swimming schedule moderate and avoid injuries.

The duration of swimming varies from swimmer to swimmer. So people with back pain must avoid activity that is more painful while performing.

Most of the time, you may feel post-activity soreness for a few hours which is okay. While if you notice this soreness for many days then it is a sign that you are doing anything too much.

It is good to start the best swimming stroke for lower back pain three days a week for half an hour. Then check your progress and if necessary reduce volume. But make sure to keep swimming exercise moderate to reach out to a healthy and fit condition.

 Things to Consider About Best Swimming Stroke for Lower Back Pain 

When you start swimming or any other exercise, the benefits you avail are based on your condition and the type of back pain.

People suffering from arthritis and spinal stenosis can perform well in the swimming pool because water reduces the compressive load on the back than on the land. While some people need to take specific accommodations according to their condition.

 People suffering from arthritis and stenosis can use backstrokes or stroke goals to don’t lift their heads. It will remain comfortable for them while swimming. 


Though the best swimming stroke for lower back pain is good. But not necessarily it works best for all so you need to check your condition to know what is better for your health.

It is good to consult your doctor and ask him if swimming is the right exercise for your back pain condition.  For more information which therapy, the best massager for lower back pain, exercise or the best insoles for lower back pain is good for you, keep reading blogs on 

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What Swimming Strokes Work Best For Back Pain?

  • Backstroke is the better and back-friendly option.
  • Front crawl is another best swimming stroke for back and neck pain sufferers.
  • Breaststroke is the trickiest of all strokes.

What is the best swimming stroke for building back muscles?

Floating in the pool for back pain works best on the last, back muscles, arms, pecs, shoulders and hips.

Is breaststroke good for the lower back?

Yes, breaststroke is a good option for your lower back because in it you have to hold the head out of the water and put pressure on your back.

What are the best swim strokes for sciatica?

If you have to swim to reduce sciatica pain then it is better to avoid any vigorous stroke. So it is good to go for sidestrokes and advanced techniques such as butterflies.