Back pain is now a severe issue that is affecting millions of people globally. So to overcome this pain, there are many treatments, therapies, exercises, massages and medications. Among all these, the use of cannabis strains is also a useful option. So find the best strains for lower back pain and use it to get instant relief from back pain.

Back Pain Statistics
  • In the US, almost 32,000,000 suffer from chronic back pain issue Almost half of working people suffer from pain annually
  • Almost 75% of the US population faces symptoms of back pain
  • Almost 10% of people that visits the hospital in the US have an issue of back pain
  • Almost $250 billion is lost annually due to work loss and treatment for back pain

 Causes of Back Pain 

  • Simple sprain
  • Sciatica
  • Broken disc
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stiffness
  • Swollen disc
  • Scoliosis

Some conventional treatments for pain are anti-inflammatory pills for nerve pain, medicines for narcotics, anti-depressant and injections. If none of these treatments work then the only solution is surgery which may become problematic in future years.

 Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Back Pain? 

Marijuana is a better alternative to conventional treatments. Now best strains for back pain is becoming the most common and helpful method. Though traditional methods are also useful but these cause nausea, stomach issue, ulcer and bleeding. While marijuana doesn’t show such side effects. The following are some benefits that medical marijuana offer:

best strains for lower back pain

  • Marijuana strains reduce pain and allow you to live actively
  • It protects you from toxic and harmful medicines and improves your quality of life
  • Marijuana reduces the risk of depression, anxiety and insomnia
  • Marijuana strains are natural with no chemicals

A study showed that almost 89% said they got relief from marijuana’s best strains for lower back pain while 81% said they got relief from medications.

 What Back Pain Symptoms Are Treated by Marijuana? 

As there are many symptoms of back pain so marijuana top cannabis strains for back pain relief can treat such symptoms such as:

 1. Pain and Muscle Spasms 

Marijuana is the better way to reduce muscle spasms. A study showed that almost 50% claimed that they got a reduction in pain after 20 minutes of inhalation. That is why in many states, marijuana’s best strain for back pain are approved for:

  • Chronic neuropathic pain
  • Chronic intractable pain

 2. Nausea and Vomiting 

Marijuana is also helpful in reducing vomiting and nausea. Commonly doctors suggest using opioids and drugs to reduce vomiting but these have side effects. On the other hand, marijuana doesn’t have any side effects and gives relief from vomiting and depression so it improves sleep.

Also, marijuana’s most effective marijuana strains for back pain are useful for cancer patients because they increase appetite and reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy.

 3. Inflammation 

Marijuana’s best strain for back pain is anti-inflammatory so it treats arthritis, cervical spine or degenerative changes. Also, these are used to treat inflammation.

 Ways to Use Marijuana for Back Pain – Best Strains for Lower Back Pain 

There are many ways to use marijuana best CBD strains for back pain but the most common are:


It involves smoking or vaping marijuana and is an effective way which gives results in 2 minutes.

Raw Juice:

You may use marijuana top indica strains for back pain relief by juicing to reduce pain in your back.


These are placed under the tongue and swallowed which then produce instant results.


This method has a different effect because the best medical marijuana strains for back pain absorb only on a specific injury area.


Using the best strain for back pain as edibles produce results very late because your body needs time to absorb through the gut. But these offer better psychotropic effects and you feel good.


 Strains of Marijuana Used for Back Pain 

There are different types of best strains for lower back pain and all work differently for different symptoms. Strains with more THC help to reduce pain and offer more psychotropic effects while with high CBD help to relieve inflammation. On the other hand, low THC and high CBD strains are helpful during the daytime while high THC and low CBD are helpful during night-time.

best strains for lower back pain

Some famous strains of medical marijuana are:

Bubba Kush (indica):

This strain consists of 22% THC and 0.1% CBD. So it is good to decrease stress and muscle spasms.

Candyland (Sativa):

This strain consists of 24% THC and 1% CBD and CBN. So it is good to reduce tension, muscle spasms and pain.

OG Kush (indica):

This strain consists of 23% THC and 1% CBD. So it is good to reduce muscle spasms and pain.

ACDC (Sativa):

This strain consists of 24% CBD and 1.2% THC. So it is more functional during the daytime and has more psychoactive effects.


 Possible Side Effects of Marijuana for Diabetic Patients! 

Though marijuana is very effective in treating back pain but it also has some side effects. These effects are mild and after treatment, these wear off. But you need to sit with your doctor and discuss all the positive and negative effects to know which strain will work better for your back pain. Let’s discuss some side effects of using the best anti-inflammatory supplements for back pain:

Redness of Eyes:

Commonly marijuana best strains for lower back pain cause redness in the eyes. Though this condition is not dangerous so you can treat it using eye drops.

Short-Term Memory Loss:

This side effect is mild and easily goes away after wearing off treatment. Some patients are at risk of it but others are not.

Heightened Sensory Perception:

This effect badly impacts the sense of sight, hearing, taste and smell of a patient.


Using strains with high THC cause this side effect so you can balance it by using strains with low THC.


It is revealed that almost 1 out of 4 people suffer from back pain issues in the US. This ratio is continuously increasing because of many reasons.

So if you are also suffering from this chronic pain then you can go for different treatments. But the most effective and common among all is the use of marijuana best strains for lower back pain. These give you instant relief from pain.

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Related FAQs:

Can using the best strains for back pain provide instant relief?

Some people get instant relief by using strains while some don’t claim instant relief. The time to get relief varies from person to person based on tolerance level and strain intensity.

Are there specific cannabis strains known for providing faster back pain relief?

Yes, some strains with high CBD are the best to provide fast back pain relief. While responses of individuals to all strains vary.

Can using CBD strains offer immediate relief from back pain?

Yes, CBD strains are better for getting gradual relief from back pain because they are non-toxic. But the duration of relief varies from person to person as some people get instant relief while some take weeks.

How long should I wait to assess the effectiveness of a strain for back pain relief?

You should wait at least a few weeks or a month to see the effectiveness of strains for your lower back pain. If you don’t notice any effect then consult your doctor.