Commonly everyone uses the couch in the lounge to watch TV shows or for family gatherings at night or for the guests coming to the home or most of the time for eating meals. So it is necessary to choose the best sofa for back pain sufferers that offers the utmost comfort to your body.

Make sure to check the height and depth of your couch because you have to spend most of your time on the couch. This way, you can prevent your back from pain and keep your spine aligned.

 To find the best sofa for back pain sufferers, you have to consult a famous orthopedic expert or you may check online reviews. 

 How We Chose Best Sofa for Back Pain? 

When you have to choose the best IKEA sofa for back pain to keep your lower back in healthy condition then it is time when you must consider the following factors:

  • Quality of materials used in the couch
  • Size of couch including width and depth
  • Customer reviews

 You can also consider fabric quality, colors and styles to find the best sofa for back pain for your home aesthetic and health also. 

 How Best Sofa for Back Pain Works? 

Finally you have found the best sofa for back pain sufferers with perfect texture, color and style. Now the question is how this best sofa can work for back pain. To know the answer to this question, read out the following tips:

Focus on firmness

May be you have bought a mattress and a back support sofa to get enough back support in every sitting position. Though soft sofas feel comfortable but these cause you to slouch into them which then causes back pain issues.

So always check the firmness of the seat and back cushion of the sofa to keep your muscles relaxed. If you feel slouching or sinking in the back after a few minutes then don’t go for such a sofa.

Let’s discuss some examples of finding the right sofa for your back:

Sofa styles with firm cushions

•          Chesterfield sofas

These sofas are the right fit for formal sitting and keep you comfortable. The back of these sofas is deep, firm and cushioned to support your back. Also, the upright backrest keeps your back at the right angle.

•          Federal sofas

This best sofa for back pain sufferers has a strong frame, slim foam and an upright position so these are the right fit for those who want cut-out slouching.

 TOP TIP: To make sure that the sofa is firm and comfortable, you can check the density of foam which must be 2.4 or less. 


Best Sofa for Back Pain sufferers

Suit your sofa to your size

Always find the sofa that best suits your size. Make sure to check if your feet can rest flat on the ground while sitting.

Then check if your legs fold around the sofa. For long legs, there will remain space between the sofa cushion and the back of the knee when you stretch your legs on the ground. So this posture continuously puts pressure on veins and arteries and causes a serious issue. So always find the right sofa to avoid such issues.

Get comfortable

To ensure that the sofa frame will support your back, check the point of connection between the sofa and back. If there is more gap then it will cause the sinking of your body into the sofa seat.

So always check the best couch for back pain Reddit with the following features:

Sofa styles with ergonomic frames

•        Recliner sofas

The best recliner for lower back pain supports your back and neck by evenly distributing the weight around the body. Also, the raised feet can put less pressure on your lower back. So always find the right recliner sofa to ease your back pain.

 TOP TIP: If you have to find an ergonomic sofa IKEA then make sure to choose that is not too lean and deep. Always find a sofa that keeps the head and body in the same alignment. 

Best Sofa for Back Pain Sufferers.

Give yourself a lift

Make sure to raise up your legs to evenly distribute the weight throughout your body. Also, it can prevent twisting and turning at its base.

So always choose the best couch for lower back pain with leg rest and footrest. Also, check for other features such as headrests, high backs, wide rams and reclining features to get more comfort.

Sofa styles that lift the spine

•        Tuxedo sofas

The high arms of this sofa are the better option to position your upper back and spine in the same direction.

•        Camelback sofas

These sofas have middle-humped high backs with high arms that offer support to your upper back.

 TOP TIP: when you raise up your legs then ensure to elevate above the heart level to avoid restriction of blood flow. 

 What to Look for in Best Sofa for Back Pain Sufferers? 

When you have to find the best sofa for back pain sufferers then you need to consider the following factors:

Best Sofa for Back Pain Sufferers

•        Optimal seat height

The optimal seat height allows you to keep your legs and knees at 90 degrees while your feet are on the ground. To know this, you can sit on a chair and measure the right height. But always find the most comfortable high back sofa with seat heat not too high nor too low.

•        Comfortable seat back

Ensure that the couch’s back is not high otherwise, your head will be too far which will then cause neck and back pain. So keep your head and spine in the same line to ensure a comfortable seat.

•        Adequate lumbar support

During sitting you need to maintain the curve of the spine. For this, always find a sofa with lumbar support and a pillow to keep your spine in the right place.


You always need comfort when you have to rise up from the best sofa for back pain sufferers. The softest couches cause your back to sink into them and become the reason for pain.

Though everyone has a different body size and strength so it is difficult to find the ideal fill. In that case, you have to sit on different couches and choose the one that works better!

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Related FAQs:

What’s the ideal sofa height for good posture?

Ideally an ideal sofa height allows you to keep your head and pelvis in the same alignment and legs bent at 90 degrees. But this height is different for everyone with different heights.

Is it unhealthy to sit on the couch for extended periods of time?

Yes sitting on the couch in slouched posture puts more pressure on your back and stretches your muscles which then causes lower back pain. So it is good to keep the body posture in a way that your head and pelvis are in line. Also, you need to take a break after half an hour.

Can I sleep on a couch?

Yes you can sleep but if the lemons and me chubby sofa is specifically for sleeping. While if you just want to lay down on the leather sofa with lumbar support then it is good to place a pillow between your knees and also support your head to avoid strain.

Can TV height affect your back when you’re relaxing on your couch?

Yes, TV height affects your back if it is above your head so you have to tilt your head to watch the TV. As a result it puts more tension on the neck and upper back muscles. So it is good to keep the TV height at 15 to 40 degrees.