Back pain is the most serious issue affecting many people globally. A research showed that almost 8% out of 10 adults suffer from back pain at one stage of their lives. While almost 80 million people in the US suffer from this chronic pain each year.

Though there are many causes of this chronic pain but the most common is the use of wrong shoe insoles. As many types of insoles are present so it becomes challenging to find the best one.

In our blog, we will answer what are the best shoe inserts for lower back pain if you suffer from back pain. All these insoles will offer comfort, support and a better fit to your feet and back also.

 Picking the Right Shoe Inserts: What to Look For? 

Among the different types of insoles available in the market, it is challenging to choose the one that best fits your feet and shoes. So you should know what are the best shoe inserts for lower back pain.

 Insoles vs. Orthotics 

Insoles and orthotics are two different things but their functionality is the same and they solve the same issues.

Orthotics are the type of struts, support or any other padding which is used to treat chronic pain in the foot, ankle and lower back. These are customizable according to the foot shape. Also, these are the better option to solve all alignment issues and are useful for a long period especially for serious conditions. Another thing is that these are expensive most of the time.

While insoles are pieces of padded material to place in your shoes to get more comfort, fit and warmth. These are generalized and most of the time these are not the right fit. Also, insoles can reduce back pain and foot pain issues. These are also the first step before going for surgery option. Another thing is that these are inexpensive than orthotics.

Best Shoe Inserts for Lower Back Pain

Before you have to buy the best insoles for lower back pain and hip pain, you must check cushioning and support of the insoles. When you walk, you put five times more force on your foot than your body weight. So if your feet are not in the right posture and are unable to absorb shock, it will only cause spinal and lower back issues. So to overcome such pain, you should always go for the best insoles for sciatica pain with good arch support.

No doubt insoles are used to offer you a stable walk by offering support and cushioning. Also, insoles evenly distribute pressure on your foot and back and prevent lateral mobility.

Before buying shoe inserts for upper back pain, you must check the price. Most of the insoles come in the price range of $20-30 while some good insoles are $100. So before choosing one, it is better to compare the prices and offerings of each brand.

Never only pay for the brand name while paying for your shoes. Obviously, you will not want to only waste your hundreds of dollars on the wring insole. So don’t break your bank, save your money and find the right insole at affordable rates. In simple words, make sure to find the best shoe support for lower back pain in your budget. Never pressurized yourself nor keep your health in danger by investing in the wrong insoles at high prices. For more help, consult your doctor.

 Five Best Shoe Inserts for Lower Back Pain 

What are the best shoe inserts for lower back pain? Now we have gone through all the factors which you need to consider before choosing the insole.

Best Shoe Inserts for Lower Back PainNow it is the time to explore the best insoles that doctors recommend. These will offer you extra cushioning, support and comfort in affordable price. So let’s start.

 1-    Best Shoe Insole for Women’s Shoes: Upstep Insoles 

Back pain issue becomes severe and affects your overall health when you don’t treat it. So to overcome such pain, many unisex insoles are available. But there are also many insoles that are different for women and men.

For women, Upstep best shoe inserts for back pain are the right option. These insoles are specially designed for women who have back pain issues. The arch support and narrow heels of these insoles make them perfect for women’s use.

These best insoles for back and knee pain are not only supportive but also offer a stylish fit with foam forefoot, heel cup and anti-odor top coating to keep the foot fresh. Also, these insoles are customizable according to your shoe size.

With benefits, this insole has some drawbacks such as it is only for women so people with flat feet and low arches can’t use it.

 2-    Best Shoe Insole for Back Pain: Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts 

The number one insole on our top pick list is Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts. The first thing which makes these insoles on first is that they are customizable. The insoles are available in 43 types with 29 full and 14 quarter-length options. So it is easy for you to find the fit, simple and accurate insole.

If you don’t know which length is right for you. Then you can talk to an expert or visit Dr. Scholl’s kiosks which are found in many areas such as grocery stores, footwear stores and pharmacies.

When you stand on the kiosk machine, it measures pressure, pattern, arch types and length of the foot. So it gives you an idea of which insole type is the perfect fit for your foot. These dr scholls inserts for lower back pain are available for just $50 with 3 months refund policy.

 3-    Best Men’s Shoe Insoles: Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles 

What are the best shoe inserts for lower back pain? This insole is especially for men shoes because these have wide toe boxes, wide heels and large arch length. Also these insoles are customizable according to each shoe length, size and fit.

Moreover, these best insoles for lower back pain reddit come with padded foam to give your foot a cushioning effect. Also the heel cup helps to stabilize your foot and keep insoles in place. The insole has anti-odor fabric to avoid any bad odor. The best thing is that these insoles come in four different sizing options such as 5.5 to 17.

 4-    Best Insoles for Flat Feet: ProFoot Flat Fix Orthotic 

Almost 8% of adults have flat feet which is the most common reason for back pain because of issues in feet and ankles.

So for flat feet, this insole is the right option because it is short than shoe inserts. These insoles are designed mainly for arches and heels. Also, the foam of these insoles supports your feet when you walk. These insoles are only for arches and heels so you can’t use them for the entire shoes. Also, these insoles absorb shock and offer cushioning effect to your feet.

 5-    Best Budget Insoles: NAZAROO Shoe Insoles 

Don’t think that this budget insole is of poor quality. While this insole is the right option within $15 so you don’t need to break the bank to get the right insole.

Due to the use of EVA foam, these best shoe insoles for back pain offer cushioning effect while the heel cup offer arch support. So it is the better option for people who have plantar fasciitis, flat feet and other issues.

The only bad thing about these insoles is that they are non-customizable and come in limited sizes. Also, these are not for all arch types.


What are the best shoe inserts for lower back pain? We have discussed some best types of insoles. Though all these are helpful in treating pain, improve balance and posture. So doctors suggest back pain sufferers to use the right insoles to avoid misalignment of the spinal cord and imbalance.

Most of the insoles are customizable so you can use them in your shoes to correct irregular gait. Doctors commonly suggest insoles to reduce foot and heel pain but these insoles are also useful to treat back pain.

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Do insoles help with the lower back?

Yes, insoles help to reduce your back pain issue. These are used to treat bad foot posture which may cause spine and pain issues. So doctors recommend using insoles to keep the foot in proper alignment which puts less pressure on muscles and lower back.

Can bad insoles cause lower back pain?

Not at all. In fact insoles are used to treat lower back pain. So if you have confusion that insoles inserted in shoes are the cause of pain then you are wrong.

Do shoe inserts help sciatica?

Yes, DR scholls inserts for sciatica are the right way to treat sciatica by providing proper support and cushioning effect to your foot. Also, insoles can absorb shock which reduces pain in the legs and lower back. Plus insoles improve foot posture and keep balance.

How do I choose insoles for back pain?

Always find rigid insoles to support your body weight. If possible find the customized insoles with arch support if you have high or low arches.

What are orthopedic inserts?

These are heel or shoe inserts that are customizable. Many doctors suggest using these insoles to treat foot, leg and back issues.

Are orthopedic insoles useful?

Yes, all orthopaedic insoles are useful to treat pain and prevent wrong mobility. Also, these evenly distribute pressure on your feet so reduce discomfort and pain.