Now people are suffering from many common issues which cause them to disable for their whole life. One of these issues is lower back pain which affects millions of people globally. That is why it is important to try the best self-massage for lower back pain that gives instant relief.

Special thanks to therapies and massages that can relieve this pain and inflammation in your lower back. This blog is specially designed for all those who are worried about worsening back pain. In this blog, we will go through some most famous and effective self-massage for lower back pain.

What Causes Severe Lower Back Pain?

Overuse of muscles causes the sticking of tissues with nerves. Body nerves need to remain free for proper functioning but stuck tissues stop their movement. As a result, it causes short and weak muscle tendonitis and nerve pain. This condition or pain worsens until nerves are released.

self-massage for lower back pain

Some other reasons for weak muscles and nerve pain are:

  • Wrong position
  • False biomechanics
  • Muscles injury
  • Early injuries
  • Twisting of ligaments

To overcome such issue and to release muscles, the best massage for lower back pain work. Also, massage can relax your body and reduce your pain and stress levels. As a result, you get a fresh and healthy well-being.

Also, massage improves the oxygen and blood circulation in your body. So it quickens the healing process by adding nutrients to your blood and removing waste from your body.

How Does Self Massage for Lower Back Pain Help Us?

People who suffer from back pain look for different ways to relieve their pain. Some prefer to use best anti inflammatory supplements for back pain. But nowadays, the self-massage for lower back pain is gaining fame day by day. No other treatment can defeat the benefits of shiatsu massage for lower back pain.

A report showed that almost 80% of people prefer massage for their back pain and doctors also recommend their patients for massage treatment each year. Some other researches about the use of massage for back pain are:

  • According to a study in 2018, massage is helpful to improve mobility and minimize pain and stress levels.
  • Another study showed that massage is effective in relieving cancer-related fatigue.
  • Some studies showed that massage is the right option for arthritis and pain control.

These are some studies that reveal the effectiveness of deep tissue massage techniques for lower back pain. Also, massage minimizes disability and relieves rigidity and pain in your knees, shoulders, and back.

 Cautions for Self-Massage 

Massage is not only an effective option but also very safe for all patients. But in some conditions, massage is not recommended. These conditions include:

 Blood Clots 

Through the best type of massage for lower back pain, blood clots may loosen and can easily move throughout the body.

 Contagious Disease 

If you have any transmissible disease, then it is never recommended to get a massage. Otherwise, it will harm your therapist and other people.


The self-massage for lower back pain can improve the blood flow so worsen fever and cause infection.

 Kidney or Liver Disease 

Massage improves blood flow and affects your kidney and liver.

 Uncontrolled Hypertension 

Massage may also affect your high blood pressure.

Also, don’t go for a massage when you have any cuts or rashes on your body. You should also avoid deep tissue massage for back pain if you have inflamed muscles.

How to Perform Best Self-Massage for Lower Back Pain at Home?

Though self-massage for lower back pain may be difficult and uncomfortable for you. But it never hurts much nor leaves you irritated. During the self-massage, you should breathe deeply to get a more relaxing effect.

Try out these techniques to perform the best massage for your lower back pain:

Manual Best Self-Massage for Lower Back Pain:

To perform self-massage for lower back pain, you don’t need to have some special equipment. You just need to sit in a comfortable chair or recliner or on the floor. Then take your thumb to the spine and move it slowly in the clockwise direction from the base to the top as you can reach. You may also use the shower to get a more relaxing effect.

self-massage for lower back pain

Never stick only to the base of the spine and move towards your neck. Take your hand to the back of your neck and start touching it with your fingers. Then extend your head towards the sky and breathe deeply. After some time, drag your finger to the side of your neck and breathe in again.

Foam Roller Release:

Another best massage technique for back pain is myofascial which you may try at home via a foam roller. This massage is effective for leg, back, and arm pain. You may use this roller in different ways such as:

  • Down the center of your back, with knees bent for support, opening and closing your arms in the shape of a “T”
  • Across the upper back, again knees bent, pushing slightly to roll up and down the shoulder blades
  • Underneath the cramps, rolling back and forth
  • On the side of the leg, rolling up and down the IT band
  • Underneath the armpit and side of the back (lats), rolling back and forth
  • Underneath the glutes, with one ankle crossed on a bent knee and moving from side to side

Tennis Balls for Tight Fascia:

If you have tight fascia, you can use a tennis ball and roll it around the arches of the feet. This self-massage for back pain is effective in releasing pressure from your face. To overcome more pressure, you can use the firm ball. This massage also gives you the same relaxation as the sciatic massage offer which is used for back pain.

Then sit and place a tennis ball under your hip. After that, roll yourself on the ball for some time. Make sure to use your hands to support yourself to move in any other area. When you come to a spot, breathe in deeply.


It is concluded that many massages are effective for lower back pain and other chronic issues. But not all massages are good for all patients. So everyone must ask the doctor for the right glute massage for lower back pain.

Commonly these massages are forbidden to pregnant ladies and people who are taking treatments for cancer. But if they want to take any self-massage for lower back pain. Then they must ask their doctor about the safety of massage.

Also, each person has a different condition so he needs different types of massage. So it is necessary for you to must analyze your overall health and then take a massage. Never take too light a massage that does bring positive effects nor take too deep a massage that will damage your tissues.

 Though massage for pain is very severe but it never feels painful. You may feel a little bit sore after taking a massage but you will feel Relaxed! 

Related FAQs:

What are the best self-massage techniques for lower back pain relief?

Some effective self-massage techniques for lower back pain include using your hands to apply gentle pressure, using a foam roller, tennis ball, or massage stick to target specific areas, and incorporating slow, circular motions.

Can self-massage really help ease lower back pain?

Yes, self-massage can be beneficial for lower back pain relief by reducing muscle tension, improving blood flow, and promoting relaxation in the affected area.

Are there any specific tools or accessories recommended for self-massage on the lower back?

Yes, using tools like a foam roller, tennis ball, massage stick, or massage balls can provide targeted pressure and help access hard-to-reach areas for more effective self-massage.

How often should I perform self-massage for lower back pain relief?

The frequency of self-massage depends on individual preferences and the severity of back pain. It’s generally safe to perform self-massage daily or as needed for relief. However, if the pain persists or worsens, consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.