When a person sit on chair and lower it, it raises up and back tilted backward. Also in some cases, foot rest is extended automatically when your back is in reclined posture. Now many modern best recliner for low back pain available on the market, all these have some additional features such as footstools, headrest and lumbar support. Also some recliners have automatic massager and vibration system.

First time, recliners were introduced in 1921s but with the increasing benefits and demand, these are now modern and comfortable for all people. Now recliners are present in hospitals, homes, airplanes and trains. All these recliners are designed to offer extra support, comfort and relaxation to elder people, pregnant women and patients with back pain issue.

But is sleeping in a recliner bad for you? All best recliners for back and hip pain come with a touch button that make it easy to operate and offer extra comfort to back and foot.

 Can Recliners Help in Relieving Back Pain? 

Now many people are suffering from back pain because of many reasons. These include bad body posture, standing for a long time, sitting on uncomfortable chair or sofa and many more. Though regular chairs are not comfortable and don’t offer relaxation.

Best Recliner for Low Back Pain

So as a result it cause back pain issues that become severe with time. To overcome this issue, sitting in a recliner is the right option to offer support to your back, legs, muscles and full body. Best recliner for back pain are special chairs that all user to lay on back to get some rest. Also recliners offer support to spine by removing weight of the back and relieving tension created in the back.

Recliners offer enough support to your spine and make your back feel relaxed and comfortable. Plus recliners enhance the posture and minimize pain in your back. Recliners with massager can increase blood circulation.

 Recliners vs. Other Seating Options 

Many people suffer from back pain issue so they look for some better alternatives to treatments. But why are recliners bad for your back?

For all those, the best recliner for low back pain are the better option to minimize back pain issue and no doubt this option has more weight than other seating options. So everyone must consider this option to ease back pain issue.

 Manual Recliner Chair Mechanism: The Ultimate Guide 

Regular chairs: For homes and offices, best recliner for lower back pain are common. All these chairs are available in many sizes and styles. But most of these chairs are not a good option for lower back pain. As a result sitting on these chairs for a long time cause back pain issue.

Ergonomic chairs:

These are the best recliner for low back pain that improve posture. All these chairs are customizable so you can easily adjust the seat according to body type and level of comfort. Therefor this chair is the better choice for people who have to sit for a long time.

Ball Chairs:

These are another types of chairs which allow you to sit on a sizable workout ball. Ball chairs improve posture and strengthen muscles. Though this chair is beneficial for some people while some don’t consider it the right fit. People with lower back pain can’t get more comfort and support with this chair.


Recliners are the right alternative to all chairs to offer support and comfort to your back. These come with backrest to tilt at any angle for the selection of comfortable posture. Also this is the right option for people who want to get relief from pressure on spine.


 How to Pick the Best Recliner for Low Back Pain Relief? 


NCBI report showed that almost 5 million people in Australia are affected from pain each year. It means back pain is the common issue in many professionals who have to go to office daily.

Now office workers and home owners don’t need to sit for a long time on straight chair. Here the best recliner sofa for back pain are the right choice to overcome back pain issue.

Best Recliner for Low Back Pain

Though all recliners are not designed equally. So you have to choose the best recliner for back pain sufferers with more lumbar support, headrest and other latest features. It will give you a better feel at the end of the day.

Let’s go through some famous tips to choose the best recliner for your back:

 A Lay-Flat feature is key  

Many people think that sitting on a straight chair for a long time is a good thing for body posture. But actually it is not good and cause chronic back pain. So no one should sit at 90 degrees angle for a long time otherwise it will worsen the issue.

When you have to choose the best recliner for low back pain, check armrest, lay flat feature and backrest to take away pressure from spine. But are recliners bad for your hips?

A recliner with lay flat feature is the right option for your back. You just need to touch button to lay flat on the recliner after a long busy day.

 Attractive design with maximum power 

Now outdated recliners are not present. Many modern and best lazy boy recliner for back pain with enough power and support are now available in the market. So you must always check the built in features to keep the recliner safe for your back.

Support your back with the luxurious and sleek designs of recliners. Also check if the recliner have USB port to charge batteries and your phone without going anywhere else.

 Look for head & foot rests 

After a long hectic day, people want rest by kicking back and putting feet up. So they should always buy a recliner with inbuilt head and foot rest feature to manage back pain issue.

Also legs elevation minimizes stress on back and improve blood flow in your muscles and body. As a result best recliner for back pain consumer reports alleviate pain in your back.

 Choose the right size for you 

Finding the best recliner for low back pain according to body shape and height is very challenging. But you can make this process easier by sitting in all types of recliners. So it will be easy for you to choose the right recliner for back pain issue.

La-Z-Boy is the best recliner with three different sizes for all body types. This recliner offer enough support to back, legs, shoulders, lumbar and arms.


Though recliners are the better alternative to all back pain therapies and treatments. So many people and doctors prefer using the best recliner for low back pain. But not necessarily, it is good in all cases for all people.

Some users say that recliners don’t always offer lumbar support to back pain. So when they recliner, it produces a gap between person and the back of recliner chair. In that case users need to put some cushions to fill space.

As a result, this position put pressure on ligaments and muscles of back which then cause lower back pain. To overcome this issue, people can roll up towel to fill the space!

Related FAQs:

Is a recliner specifically designed for low back pain worth buying?

Yes, a recliner designed for low back pain can be a valuable investment as it provides targeted support and ergonomic features to alleviate discomfort.

How does a recliner help with low back pain relief?

A high-quality recliner offers adjustable lumbar support, which promotes proper spinal alignment and reduces pressure on the lower back, easing pain and tension.

Are all recliners suitable for individuals with low back pain?

Not all recliners are created equal. It’s essential to choose a recliner with adjustable features, excellent cushioning, and ergonomic design to ensure optimal support for low back pain.

Are there any additional benefits of investing in a recliner for low back pain?

Absolutely! Apart from back pain relief, recliners can improve overall relaxation, enhance blood circulation, and provide a comfortable space for resting and unwinding after a long day.