Everyone takes holidays from the busy routine to enjoy special events such as Christmas and other events. But the only thing that never takes a holiday is your back pain. Maybe you are not suffering from back pain but you know your loved one is facing this issue. So what if you gift him/her something to get relief from this chronic back pain? Obviously, it is a better idea to give the best gifts for back pain to your loved one.

But what to buy someone with lower back pain? Now, put some time into finding the right gift to ease the back pain issue of your loved one. This blog will highlight a back pain gift basket that you will surely love.

 What to Buy for Someone with Back Pain? 

Many products are available on the market to help all back pain sufferers and allow them to enjoy life to the full. However, some products help to overcome general pain. While some are useful to ease chronic pain and allow a person to relax. Let’s go through what to buy for lower back pain:

best gifts for back pain

 Intimate Therapy Gifts 

The best gifts for someone with sciatica is heath and cooling effect for their back. Both these applications minimize muscle stress and swelling which cause relief in back pain. For these applications, you can use the following products:

Heatable Neck or Back Wraps:
People suffering from muscle strains and back spasms can use the heating method because it is effective and affordable. This treatment increases oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, reduce pain signal and allow muscles and soft tissues to improve flexibility. Also, many neck and back wraps are available that are easy to microwave so these remain warm for 30 minutes. So this continuous heat on the back and neck gives relief from chronic pain.
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Heating pads are the best gadgets for lower back pain. Electricity operates these pads so these offer maintained levels of heat as long as you need. You can even buy best baby carriers for back pain for female friends.
Biofreeze(R) Pain Reliever:
Ice is another way to relieve your back pain by relieving sore muscles. However, it is not an effective and easy method always. So in that case, you can gift a biofreezer to your loved one to get relief from pain. It is a gel that restricts pain signals to travel to the brain. So sufferers can apply this gel to affected areas to get relief. Commonly this gel is available for $15.

 Massaging & Pain Relief Gifts 

If you want to give a relaxing massage to your loved one as a gift then make sure to give the following best gifts for back pain:

Foam Rollers:
 If a patient suffers from muscle-related back pain then a foam roller is the right gift. It is a cylindrical device that offers comfort and ease of pain. So people can use this foam roller as a self-massage on tensed areas to reduce back pain and muscle tightness. This gift is the right one for athletes.
Inversion Tables:
If anyone in your family has lower back pain or sciatica then the inversion tables are the perfect gift. These are padded tables linked with a metal frame and hinges. As the name suggests, this table inverts the person’s body. So when a patient invests more time in inverted form, it reduces the load on bones, muscles and joints. As a result it reduces back pain.

Also, these tables can separate intervertebral disc and joint spaces and remove pressure from spinal nerves. The cost of this table is a few hundred dollars but investing in this table is a game changer. But make sure to consult the doctor before investing in inverted tables.

Massage Cushions:
 Massage cushions are also the best gift for neck pain. Though visiting a spa is helpful in releasing tension but not everyone has much money and time. So this cushion offer comfort and relaxation to back pain and release muscles stress. It means sufferers can get the benefits of a spa by sitting at home. They just need to place cushions on chairs to reduce shoulder and neck pain.

 Home Office Back Relief 

Working from home is very successful, so many people are now going towards freelancing. Though it is a money-making job but on the other hand, it causes many back issues by continuously sitting on a laptop or computer. As a result it exerts more strain on the back and causes back pain. So it is better to give the following best gifts for back pain to your loved freelancers:

Ergonomic Office Chairs:
An ergonomic chair is the right gift to reduce back pain issues. Make sure to gift a best living room chair for back pain with lumbar support, a comfortable seat and adjustable height. So these chairs will improve posture and support back.
Lumbar Cushions:
May be you find ergonomic chairs more expensive and you don’t have much budget. In that case, you can go for lumbar cushions. These offer extra support to the back, neck and hip. Also, these improve posture and help to reduce lower back pain. People suffering from back pain can keep these cushions in office or home chairs and sofas.
Adjustable Desk:
Sitting on a straight desk for many hours causes muscle stretching and back pain. So it is better to gift an adjustable desk to your loved one. This desk allows a sufferer to alternate between sitting and standing. So it reduces muscle strain and back pain.

 Relaxing Back Pain Gifts 

A relaxed body also keeps the muscles relaxed. As a result, it relaxes your physical and mental health. So you can give the following gifts to your loved one to help them live a healthy life:

An Epsom Salts Gift Set:
These best gifts for back pain are available online and in physical stores. Epsom salt is a mineral of magnesium and sulfate and helps in sore muscles. Magnesium present in this salt decrease swelling, maintains enzymes and helps in nerve functioning. While sulfate present in this salt allows the body to absorb nutrients and remove toxins. Overall, Epsom salt reduces stress, anxiety, tension and muscle cramps.

Essential Oils:
Gift of essential oils is another better method to help your loved one to feel relaxed. Some essential oils are helpful such as peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, ginger and others. All these have anti-inflammatory effects so you can gift any of these to reduce back pain.

 Skip the Shoes for Gifts & Consider Insoles 

What if you gift inserts of shoes to someone suffering from back pain? Obviously, it is the best gifts for back pain.

Superfeet Orthotic Insoles:
Most of the time, shoes are not comfortable and stable which affects the overall body. An unstable foot exerts stress on the spine, lower back, hip, knees and ankles. So in that case, you can gift orthotic insoles of Superfeet company which offers quality insoles to help people in proper and stable walking.

 For Those Who Love Gift Cards 

May be you have not found the right gift for your loved one. So it is better to give a gift card to people who love it. Consider the following options for back pain relief gadgets:

Massage Gift Cards:
Many people want to get effective massage therapy. So for those people, you can gift them a massage gift card from a certified massage therapist.

Yoga or Pilates Gift Certificate:
For people who want to become active, a yoga and pilates gift card certificate is the right option. These exercises strengthen the core, stretch muscles and improve flexibility. As a result these reduce back pain.

Chiropractor Sessions Gift Card:
If your loved one has to pay from pocket for a chiropractor session. Then this gifts for posture is good to give him the session gift card to help him get rid of chronic pain.


We have gone through the best gifts for back pain. So if you know someone suffering from this issue then it is better to gift him comfort and pain relief.

For more ideas, you can contact your doctor to know the right treatment and help the sufferer to take this treatment!

Related FAQs:


What are the perfect and best gifts for back pain sufferers?

Some ideal gifts for back pain sufferers include ergonomic chairs, heating pads, massage cushions, lumbar support pillows, and adjustable standing desks.

How does an ergonomic chair help back pain sufferers?

An ergonomic chair provides proper lumbar support, promotes good posture, and reduces strain on the back, making it an excellent gift for those with back pain.

Are heating pads effective in relieving back pain?

Yes, heating pads can help relax muscles, increase blood flow, and alleviate back pain, making them a thoughtful and practical gift for individuals dealing with back pain.

Why is a lumbar support pillow a great gift idea for back pain sufferers?

A lumbar support pillow provides extra support to the lower back, whether sitting or lying down, helping to reduce strain and maintain proper spinal alignment for those experiencing back pain.