Having a stylish car is the dream of everyone, but is that enough? Not at all. Having a comfortable best car for back pain is a need for everyone.

When you have to buy a new car, you check different things. These include the look, model, color, engine power, etc. Also, you look for many innovative and advanced features to make your journey smooth and happy. But you never consider comfort and lumbar support before buying the worst cars for back pain.

Though a short drive doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable and stressed, but for long-drive drivers, it is not a good thing that causes them back pain issues. In that case, you need to buy a car that is comfortable, supportive, and stylish at a time. Also, ensure that the car is affordable and insured.

Here we will discuss the best car for back pain. You may choose to get a comfortable and supportive journey either small or long. But before it, you need to know why support is important for your back.

 Why Are Lumber and Back Support Important? 

Almost every second person has back pain because of much sitting posture for watching movies and shows, sitting at a desk from 9-5, and driving a car for a long time. As a result, extra sitting puts pressure on your back especially when you have bad body posture or rigid couch.  We suggest you to buy the best insoles for back pain but some suggest changing their way of driving. 

best car for back pain

During sitting, you put pressure on the lumbosacral disc three times more than when you stand. If you don’t support your lumbar area properly and continuously put pressure then no ergonomic chair nor supportive pillow will work. As a result, more stress will be applied to your back soft tissues and joints of the spine. This then causes back pain issues.

 How Do Car Manufacturers Provide Back and Lumbar Support? 

Manufacturers have designed many comfortable and supportive cars with SUV seats. Everyone has different body types so they have different sitting needs. Also, it is not possible that one thing is beneficial for one person which means it is good for everyone. So for everyone, manufacturers have introduced cars with adjustable seats. So everyone can adjust the best car seat for back pain no matter what the body type is.

best car for back pain

In today’s cars, the driver’s seat can be moved forward, backward, up, and down. Also, drivers can tilt the seat to raise or down their knees. Plus, they have the option to adjust the support of the back and neck at the upright and reclining positions. But not possible that every seat is good for everyone. In that case, you need to know the best car for back pain.

 Explore Best Car for Back Pain and Lumber Support 

Nowadays many styles of vehicles are available in the market and some offer extra support to your back. So it becomes difficult to know which car is the right fit for your back, legs, neck and shoulders. Therefore we have gathered a few options to help you choose the right one. Let’s explore these options for the best SUV for sciatica:

1- BMW X-5 for Back Support
It is the most famous of all cars because of its style, luxurious look, and latest facilities. But at the same time, it is supportive and comfortable. All the seats of this car are adjustable so you can adjust them according to your needs. Plus, each seat’s heating and cooling system makes it the more attractive option. So enjoy driving in the best SUV for back pain.
2- Volvo S80L for Comfort Seats
Volvo is another option that is famous because of its comfortable seats for people instead of just-style. The seating system of this best sedan for back pain is also adjustable in many ways just like the BMW with the latest massage feature. This thing makes it the right option for bad backs.
3- Lexus LS460L for Multiple Adjustments
On number 3, the Lexus car comes which has a different seat adjustment feature but 16 ways are more special. These cars are famous because of extra comfort for your back pain.
4- Volkswagen Golf GR for Back Support
This option is somehow affordable and doesn’t let you invest a lot of money to get a comfortable and adjustable seated car. This best car for back pain is present in the R model and offers extreme support to your back.
5- Ford Taurus SEL, SHO or Ltd for Lumbar Support
All the seats of this car are adjustable and offer 6-way lumbar support to your back with the latest massage feature. The massage system of this car is unique and focuses on the legs along with the back.

 Create Lumbar Support in Your Car Seat for Added Comfort 

If you already have a car offering medium support and comfort to your back and want to improve its supportive feature, how? Don’t go for a new model of car for this purpose nor buy the best work boots for back pain. You can create extra support in your present car by following some tips such as:

 1- Adjust your seat: 

It may be possible that you have adjusted the seat of the car in a bad way which you may adjust in an ideal way. Most of the cars have a lumbar support option but drivers are unaware of such features.

So it is good to read the manual that comes with the car to know all its features and options. It will give you an idea of how to ideally adjust the seat to get the right body posture to let your back feel comfortable and supportive.

 2- Use a lumbar support pillow: 

Lumbar support pillows are available in many online stores. So you can buy any one of these tube shape pillows to support your back but keep the natural curve of the back. While if you don’t want to invest money in buying pillows, you can roll up your towel and place it behind you.

 3- Car seat supports: 

Seat supports are available in many online and physical stores. These supports are adjustable and are designed to use in the best car for back pain. So before buying any of such support, you should check customer reviews and effectiveness.

 Top Tips to Consider for Avoiding Back Pain in Your Car 

  • Purchase a large and more riding car with an SUV or sedan for back pain
  • Avoid rigid seats
  • Avoid wheels larger than 17 inches
  • Prefer adjustable seats and steering option
  • Choose the cars with adjustable lumbar support
  • Never prefer cars that run hardly on British roads
  • When you go for a long ride, take a break of at least 1 hour and relax your body
  • In the car, you can place a rolled towel to support your back


We have discussed the best car for back pain which can offer comfort and lumbar support by keeping style. All these are reliable cars but you also need to create a comfortable room in such cars so that you will enjoy a safe, comfortable, supportive, and stress-free journey. Also, these cars enhance the breathing and comfort of your neck, shoulders, and hips. So don’t wait; get a supportive seat and buy the best backpacks for back pain.

Related FAQs:

Why do some car seats hurt my back?

Many cars have too high and angled seats which cause you to sit straight and put pressure on your back. As a result, this pressure cause muscle strain and hurt your back.

Which car type is best for the body?

Among all other options, the most famous, economical, highly performing and comfortable car is Volkswagen. Many drivers prefer this best car for sciatica because it has enough space to adjust different bodies easily.

Is a sedan or SUV better for back pain?

The sedan is never a better option for your back pain. So you should go for crossovers because they give a better ride and have high ceilings. So you don’t need to bend throughout the drive.

What is the best car for bad legs?

The best among all others is the Honda Civic because it is an easy-to-access and reliable car for disabled drivers. Also, the car is comfortable because of low ground clearance, enough leg room, adjustable seats, and blind sensors.