Back pain is treated in many ways and one of these is the use of the top and best cannabis for back pain relief. These strains are not only used to relieve back pain but also other issues such as nerve damage and inflammation. There are many ways of using these strains such as topicals, tinctures, edibles and more.

Now chronic back pain is more damaging for people than cancer, heart disease and diabetes. So patients must treat this pain as early as possible. Many doctors recommend using the best cannabis for back pain because these are safe and effective.

Each strain is different and has different effects on different people. So you must consult the right professional to know which strain will give instant relief from back pain.

 Best Cannabis Strains For Chronic Pain 

There are some best types of best cannabis for back pain such as:

  • Cannabis indica
  • Cannabis sativa
  • hybrids

Though there is not much research on using strains for back pain. But overall these strains are good to treat back pain.

 Some searches showed that the effective marijuana best strains for back pain management are also good for sleep, and improved blood flow. 

Some participants reported some side effects of using strains:

  • Non-migraine headaches
  • Neuropathy
  • Spasticity
  • Joint pain

Some studies showed that the best CBD products for alleviating back pain are good for treating HIV and other medical conditions. Also, strains help to increase appetite and energy which then reduce nausea.

 How Does Cannabis Work For Pain? 

The best cannabis for back pain is good for treating pain, nausea and other issues. It is because cannabis strains are rich in CBD and THC.


THC is similar to cannabinoid which is present in the body so when you inhale strains with THC, it stimulates brain receptors and reduces pain. Also, it enhances mental health and causes high.

Best Cannabis for Back Pain

While CBD doesn’t stimulate receptors and cause high but these have anti-inflammatory, best vitamins for back pain and pain-relieving effects.

 What The Research Says 

Many searches have been done on the effect of cannabis strains on back pain. Some searches used only specific parts of plants while some studies used entire plants.

 FACT: In 2015, research showed the positive effects of the recommended marijuana strains for backache. Also, this research revealed that these strains are good for treating some other pains. 

Another research in 2016 showed that cannabis is a better alternative to opioid use and helps to improve life quality and has less side effects. Some other studies showed that almost 70% of people get relief from pain by using cannabis options for treating chronic back pain.

Though these searches are not enough and there is a need for more studies especially about dose, best strain and method of consumption. A study in 2018 revealed that cannabis strains are not good to reduce back pain and other pains nor it is better than opioids.

 Synthetic And Medicinal Cannabis 

Medicinal cannabis is a strain of the whole plant along with its extracts. FDA and US Food Authority approve these strains ad effective and safe. These top-rated cannabis strains for back pain relief are rare and are used to control some severe issues where medicines don’t work.

The FDA also has approved many medicines containing THC to reduce nausea and cancer and to improve appetite and energy. But still, there is no evidence that FDA has approved the best cannabis for back pain. Another type is synthetic cannabis such as K2 and Spice. The NIDA revealed that these are not cannabis strains and are not safe so they are not recommended. These have severe effects that may be fatal.

 Risks And Side Effects 

The following are some side effects of the best marijuana strains for soothing back discomfort:

  • Dependency
  • Breathing issues
  • Giddiness
  • Addiction
  • Weakened reaction
  • Contacts with medication
  • Loss of focus
  • Memory problems
  • Mental health problems
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Withdrawal symptoms

 Alternatives To Herbal Cannabis 

Some other alternatives to the best cannabis for back pain:

Topical treatments


Some cannabis strains are available in the form of balms and creams so you can apply these on the specific area and inflammation.



The famous way is edibles to consume cannabis because you can add strains in food, cookies, candies and take them with drugs.


The most famous method of consumption of cannabis strains is edibles. But another better way is to consume CBD oils for relieving back pain by extracting using alcohol and ethanol. The most famous type of cannabis oil is CBD which helps to relieve back pain.

Sublingual Cannabis

Some popular cannabis strains for back pain relief are good to place under the tongue that then enter the blood and offer instant results.

Cannabis Vs. Opioids For Pain Relief

Opioids are strong medicines to relieve back pain by acting on the nervous system. Also, these are addictive and have severe symptoms. While cannabis strains don’t have much side effects and are effective for back pain relief.

Best Cannabis for Back Pain

The best cannabis for back pain is the right alternative to opioids. Some searches showed that 30% of people use opioids while others use cannabis strains. Almost every opioid user said that cannabis is more strong and effective with less side effects.

While some said that a combination of opioids and cannabis is more effective in treating pain and other issues.


We have gone through the best strains and their method of consumption. However, not all strains are best for your back pain so you must consult the doctor to know which strain is best for your back.

Also, keep in mind that the best cannabis for back pain is the better alternative to opioids and doesn’t have much severe side effects as opioids have.

The only issue is that there are less cannabis-based therapies. That is why it is difficult to say which strain is used in which amount.

So make sure to consult the doctor to know the legal strains and the right amount of consumption. Also, you can ask the doctor about the best anti-inflammatory supplements for back pain. Read More About it!

6 Best Anti Inflammatory Supplements for Back Pain Ease


Related FAQs:

Can cannabis effectively relieve back pain?

Yes, cannabis is good to treat back pain issues because it contains THC and CBD which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. So the cannabis strains reduce pressure on the back and pain.

What are the best cannabis strains for back pain relief?

There are many types of strains good for back pain but some top is ACDC, Blue Dream, white willow and Harlequin. These strains are rich in CBD so they are effective in treating back pain.

How can I consume cannabis for back pain relief?

There are many ways of cannabis consumption but some common are edibles, tinctures, topicals, smoking and vaping. Smoking and vaping offer instant relief from pain while edibles and tinctures have long-lasting effects. On the other hand, topicals are used for specific areas.

Is cannabis safe for managing back pain?

Yes, cannabis is the safe option to treat back pain but before using any strain, you must consult a healthcare professional. He will guide you on which strain is better for you.

Can CBD products alone help with back pain?

Yes, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound present in cannabis and has anti-inflammatory properties which make it effective for back pain. You can use CBD products in different ways such as creams, oils and edibles.