Back pain is caused by many reasons and one of these is bad boots. So you have to find the right and best boots for lower back pain to get rid of this pain.

May be you have had a bad back for months and now it is worsening day by day then it will cause many other serious issues such as numbness and weakness in body parts. Don’t wait and contact the professional.

If your doctor clears all symptoms then it means you should check your footwear because it may be the reason for back pain. Ask the doctor for the best boots for lower back pain. As all foot types are different so all boots are not good for all people. It is why wearing comfortable, cushioned and supportive boots is the need.

 What to Look for When Choosing Best boots for Lower Back Pain? 

Common sneakers and the best shoes for lower back pain women’s are the perfect fit and don’t cause irritation to your feet. So before buying shoes, make sure to walk around and focus on everything from comfort to feel. Never buy too stylish shoes with heels because these are not good.

best boots for Lower Back Pain

The following are some factors that you should check when choosing the best boots for lower back pain:

 Moderate Heel Height 

Always find the best boots for lower back pain with a moderate heel under 2 inches and not more than it. An elevated heel causes your ankle to turn and a same height heel or lower than the toe cause your leg to turn which then turns the pelvis. As a result, it causes back pain issues. In this manner, you must buy best insoles for back pain.

While a 2-inch heel reduces pressure on your feet while walking. The ideal heel range is between 1 to 2 inches which is good for all kinds of pains.

 Cushioning and Shock Absorption 

Besides finding the best women’s walking shoes for lower back pain with a moderate heel, make sure to check whether it is cushioned and absorbs shock. Some people hit the ground harder and send a shock to their legs and back. So in that case, everyone must find a shoe with shock absorption capacity. For this, the shoe does not have to be so hard nor to be so soft.

While the best work boots for back pain with maximalist design, extra cushioning and high arch support must be your choice because they treat foot and back pain issues. The best boots for lower back pain also absorb shock which is a good option for runners because it reduces stress injury on rough terrains.

 Rocker-Bottom Soles 

Though rocker bottom soles are not good for all but these are helpful in some cases. These are thick soles with front curves and allow the feet to move normally and put less pressure on joints while walking. Common doctors recommend these soles to diabetic patients with back pain issues. Also, many common sneakers and walking shoes come with these soles.

Many rocker bottom sneakers and best men’s walking shoes for lower back pain have a thick sole that reduces the impact of the heel on feet so it deals with many issues such as plantar fasciitis.

 Sandals With Arch Support 

Keep in mind that sandals and flip-flops are never so supportive but there are some orthopaedic sandals with proper support. So if you want to wear sandals then make sure to find the orthopaedic sandals and lower back pain boots to relieve your back pain issue.

 Shoes to Avoid if You’re Experiencing Back Pain 

You have to wear shoes until you walk or stand so your feet need support and comfort. For this you need to avoid shoes with the following features:

Best Boots for Lower Back Pain

 Beware of Negative Heels 

Some flip-flops with negative heels are not a comfortable option because these can block your feet and cause back pain. Flip flops affect the lower heel below the toes and create a negative effect. Also, these shoes are not cushioning so they don’t absorb shock and cause pain.

Also, house slippers are the worst shoes for your back because you may wear them in and out all time which may cause stress on your back. More flat types of loafers with flat soles are also the reason for back pain by rotating your pelvis region.

 Too Hard or Too Soft a Problem 

Always find a shoe that is not too hard nor too soft and has shock absorption capacity. Commonly shoes with memory foam are not perfect for arch type and are not supportive so these are bad for your back.

 Minimalist Shoes Usually Not Recommended 

Minimalist shoes are also called barefoot with thin soles are not a good fit for your feet because these types of issues cause back pain issue. These shoes rotate your pelvis and keep all comfort away from your feet and back.

 Casual Sneakers Can Lack Support 

Some casual sneakers such as Chuck Taylor all-star don’t have enough support because of the narrow toe box which is only perfect for people with narrow feet.


We have discussed what you should check while buying the best boots for lower back pain and which shoes to avoid. For more help, ask the professional and determine your arch type. Also, check the biomechanics of the foot and measure it to find the right boot.

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Related FAQs:

What type of shoes do you need if you have a lower back problem?

The best shoes for back pain are running shoes, arch support shoes, best work boots for lower back pain and shoes with special insoles and orthotics.

Can bad boots cause lower back pain?

Yes bad, tight or loose boots don’t offer proper arch support and put pressure on feet muscles which then causes lower back issues.

What type of shoes do you think would be likely to cause back pain? Why?

Never buy high heel shoes or flip-flops with high heels because it causes the center of gravity to move forward and the back arch backward which causes back pain.

Are flat shoes bad for the lower back?

Yes, some flat shoes are also bad for your back because flat shoes put almost 25% more pressure on your feet rather than heel shoes which then causes back pain issues.

Can shoes affect lower back pain?

Yes, bad shoes such as ill-fitted and high heels affect your lower back, knees, ankles and hips while you walk. Also, unsupportive flip flop cause back pain issue by putting strain.