Backpacks are the right gear and must-have bags to carry all your belongings when you have to go for hiking, climbing, camping and other travel. Though different types of best backpacks for back pain are available but not all are equal.

So it is necessary for you to choose the best backpack for back pain. For people suffering from back pain, a comfortable, supportive, stable and secure backpack is necessary. This blog will highlight some famous backpacks for your back pain issue. So you will get an idea of which backpack is the right fit to increase comfort and decrease pain.

 Choose the Best Backpack for Back Pain Sufferer 

Whether you need to have a bag for gym, hiking or travel, the best school backpack for back pain is always your necessity. Though backpacks are useful to carry all items but they also put pressure of the bag plus items on your spinal cord.

best backpacks for back pain

As a result, it causes back pain. But the good news is that now many backpacks are available suitable for back pain and aches. Let’s discuss some most important, durable, effective and comfortable backpacks:

1. Osprey Farpoint 55 Backpack – Best for Travel


  • Better backpack option for a bad back
  • Lightweight
  • Compression straps
  • Soft, cool and breathable

It is the best backpack for back pain and people who want to go for hiking with heavy items. The better thing is that this backpack doesn’t put pressure on your lower back even with heavy items. This backpack is designed to carry almost 50 pounds weight. The lightweight frame ensures the distribution of weight all over the back, hip and shoulders.

Osprey backpack also comes with compression straps on the front side. So it allows you to keep everything in place safely. Also, these strips keep the bag in the right position without pulling you backward.

Moreover, the backpack comes with a complete zipper. So it is a suitable option to carry for short distances rather than carrying a large bag. A hip belt and chest buckle are also present in this backpack to offer full safety to your body and back. The breathable mesh offer extra comfort, a cooling effect and prevent sweat.

2. North Face Borealis Backpack


  • Better backpack with north face
  • Lightweight
  • Shoulders straps

It is the best back support backpacks for school and many users recommend using it because it doesn’t cause back pain even if you lift heavy items. The top handle on the bag makes it easy to carry. Moreover, this backpack has a customized waist belt, sternum straps and buckles to offer your back more protection. Keep in mind that the shoulder straps of this backpack can cause some mild issues on your shoulders but don’t worry, these are only minor issues that will resolve soon.

The capacity of this bag is 28 liters with a laptop compartment in which a 15-inch device can easily fit. Also, it has a large area to keep books, clothes and other items. So you can either place a water bottle or tablet.

The weight of this backpack alternative for back pain is 2.5 pounds with dimensions of 15 inches by 10 inches by 5 inches. Also, it is available in many colors such as blue, black, red, tan or more.

3. Original PRVKE – Best for Daily Use or Travel


  • Camera access
  • Adjustable roll top
  • Zippers that are weather resistant
  • Protected pockets
  • Easy to remove camera covering
  • Adjustable bottle pocket
  • 16-inch laptop compartment

Now you can carry heavy photography equipment in this backpack without putting more pressure on your back. Special thanks to its shoulder straps and padded back panel that offers comfort.

Also, the best backpack for back pain has flexible chest and waist straps that evenly distribute the weight and are easy to remove when not in use. In the center, a camera cube with different compartments is present which is easy to remove when you don’t need it.

Moreover, the backpack has two access points so you don’t need to worry about packing and unpacking your items when you just need one item such as a battery set. The better thing is that this backpack contains a rain cover to protect it from weather conditions.

4. Thule Subterra Backpack – Best for Laptop


  • Durable
  • Resists humidity and damage
  • Easy to attach to luggage

It is another one of the best backpacks for back pain to carry a laptop and other necessary items without putting pressure on your back. The backpack has a perforated and mesh shoulder strap with a padded back panel and chest strap that make it easy to carry.

The better thing is that you don’t need to carry on back. The extra straps on the back make it easy to roll over on your back with the luggage. This best backpack for neck pain is durable and made of strong materials with zippers, handles and other features. Also, this backpack offers more protection to your laptop, glasses, phones and tablets when placed inside. Also, the back pain is water resistant so you can even place a water bottle outside it.

5. Granite Gear Virga 2 Backpack – Best for Hiking


  • Comfortable and stable
  • Evenly distribute weight
  • lightweight

This backpack is more lightweight than all the above options. The weight of this backpack is 1 lb 4 oz because of its frameless suspension. Due to its lightweight, you can carry heavy items in it without putting more weight on your back.

The bag is made up of strong material with shoulder straps, hip and chest buckles and belts to make it stable and supportive. The height of this best backpack for back pain is 24 inches which keeps it in place against your back. So you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Compression belts on the front side keep everything fit in place even if you don’t pack properly.

 Things to Notice in Best Backpacks for Back Pain 

When you have to choose the right backpack to reduce your back pain then you need to consider in some factors. Let’s explore these things in detail:

best Backpacks for Back Pain

Ergonomic Design:

Make sure to find the best ergonomic backpack for travel. Also, check if the backpack has a contoured shape according to the curve of your spine and will evenly put weight on your back. Flexible straps with padded back panels are the right option to offer more comfort and support.

Proper Weight Distribution:

Make sure to find a backpack with many compartments and features. This way, you can evenly distribute the weight throughout your back. As a result, it minimizes the chances of extra pressure and strain on one area. Also, check if the backpack has hip belts and shoulder straps to reduce strain on the back.

Size And Capacity:

Always find the right size and capacity of the best backpack for back pain. Never find too large a backpack nor too small that it can’t carry all your items. So buy a backpack that has the right height to carry all your items without making you feel heavy.

Padding And Support:

Find the laptop backpack with back support with a fully padded panel and shoulder straps to offer extra support. Make sure the padding is thick to offer cushioning effect to backs and shoulders. As a result, it will reduce pressure on your back. The breathable material used in this backpack prevents sweating and improves comfort.

Lightweight Materials:

Always find a lightweight backpack made up of durable materials such as nylon and polyester. This way, these backpacks put less pressure on the back and less pain.

Proper Fit:

Make sure that the backpack is the better fit for your body. A backpack with flexible straps and belts is the right way to get the right fit and comfort.


We have gone through some most famous types of backpacks that experts also suggest. So now make your climbing, hiking and traveling easy and comfortable. Now you don’t need to put extra pressure on your back. All these backpacks will carry all items and distribute weight on your back.

So always find the best backpack for back pain that is durable, comfortable, safe and stable for your back.  For more information about the best hiking backpack for back pain and the ways to reduce back pain, connect with 


Related FAQs:

How can a backpack help alleviate back pain?

The best backpacks for back pain are designed with ergonomic features that distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on your back and shoulders. They have padded shoulder straps, lumbar support, and a well-padded back panel to provide comfort and proper posture during extended wear.

Are there specific features to look for in a backpack to prevent back pain?

Yes, when choosing a backpack for back pain relief, consider features like adjustable and padded shoulder straps, a waist belt to distribute weight, a lumbar support system, and a back panel with airflow to reduce sweating.

Can the size and capacity of the backpack affect back pain?

Absolutely, the size and capacity of a backpack play a significant role in back pain prevention. Opt for a backpack that fits your body size and carries only essential items to maintain a lighter load.

Are there any specific backpack brands known for their back pain relief features?

Yes, some reputable brands specialize in ergonomic backpacks with back pain relief in mind. You can choose backpacks with excellent lumbar support and ergonomic designs to promote proper posture and minimize back pain during prolonged use.