Nothing can beat the comfort and feeling of sitting on the best living room chair for back pain sufferers . It is a small, single seated chair with side support and armrest. This chair is the right option for back pain sufferers. So if you have an issue of back pain and want a comfortable armchair. Then it is recommended to consult a professional to get a sophisticated but best armchair for back pain that will improve your well-being.

Different types, styles and colors of armchairs are available that help you to find the best armchair for back pain. Don’t think that one chair or size fits all. Not at all. Each body has different unique so your body needs a different size and style of armchair. To find the best one, you can test the chair before purchasing it.

 Causes of Lower Back Pain 

Sitting posture is the first thing that affects your back. A good posture eases back pain while a bad posture affects your back badly. So before going further, we will first take a look at the causes of back pain:

best armchair for back pain

Disc Injury

When a disc in the vertebral column breaks down, it causes disc injury. The disc is surrounded by cartilage that presses it against the spine. So it cause pain which may last for upto three days. The common cause of disc injury is heavy lifting.

Back Strain

It is another major cause which is due to excessive activity. Back strain also causes stiffness in your back muscles. So you need to take some rest or physical therapy to treat it.


It is the major cause of back pain especially in seniors because it is caused by inflammation of joints. Besides these three main causes, there are some other causes such as:

  • Abnormal spinal curve
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylosis

 The Importance of Posture 

Your back is a complicated part of your body and it requires good posture to maintain its health. A back posture is something which affects the back in a positive or negative way. A good posture is necessary for people working in offices and sitting at a desk all day.

It is also necessary for people who incline to slouch backwards and forward. Slouching on a couch exerts strain on your back and spinal disc which then causes back pain issue. If you have bad posture for an extended period then it affects your spine and back. Also, bad posture affects blood vessels and causes nerve constriction. Some other effects of bad posture include fatigue, headache and more. In some cases, it also affects your lungs.

 How to Choose the Right Office Chair for Back Pain? 

As our lives are becoming sedentary and totally dependent on chairs on which we sit for a long time. We have given all authority to chairs to support our body. So it is necessary to choose the right armchair to support our body in a positive way. Let’s discuss the ways to find the best chair for lower back and hip pain:

best armchair for back pain

 Choose A Chair That Fits 

Not all armchairs are a better fit for all people. So you need to first check the dimensions of the lumbar support chair for your home and your body needs. It is good to choose a chair with a space of at least 1 inch.

 Adjustable Height 

Make sure to find the best office chair for lower back pain with an adjustable seat height. An ideal height is when the chair is level with your knee. It is better to buy a chair with tilting to stretch your back.

 The Right-Back Height 

Find a chair whose back ends are above the shoulders when you sit. Commonly chairs are available in the oversize back that is okay to buy. But it is recommended to choose the best office chair for back pain affordable with equal height.

 Lumbar Support 

The best armchair for back pain with lumbar support is necessary to maintain the natural posture of your back. For chairs without lumbar support, you can use cushions and D rolls.

 Backrest Angle 

A reclined position of your orthopedic chair for a back pain seat is the right way to relieve back pain. So make sure to have a seat with a backrest at 165 degrees.

 How should I Sit when Suffering from Lower Back Pain? 

Sitting on a chair is a troubling situation if you have back pain. So it is good to avoid sitting for a long time. Professionals recommended to sit for only 15-20 minutes if you have back pain. But make sure to offer support to your back during this period. For this you need to have the best armchair for back pain with lumbar support or you may place a D roll on the chair.

Moreover, make sure to keep your knees and hips at right angles and your feet flat on the ground to offer more support to your back.

 How to style a supportive armchair? 

Finding the best office chair for degenerative disc disease to offer support to your body is necessary. Some people think that a stylish chair is the need but actually a stylish plus comfortable armchair is the need. So if you have a chair for back pain then you can style it in the following ways:

Consider Your Color Palette:

Make sure to find a color that better complement with the room interior. You may also add a pop of colors to your best armchair for back pain for the statement look.

Avoid Clashing Patterns:

If the cushions of the chair are patterned then make sure not to use the clashing patterns. While you can choose a chair with plain fabric.

Think About Symmetry:

Make sure to determine the symmetry of your chair. Never place a chair in the corner but you can place it opposite to the sofa with a table in between the two.

Create A Reading Nook:

If you want to place your chair separate from other furniture then keep it on the corner and relax or read books for some time by sitting on it.

 The 3 Best Armchair For Back Pain and Good Postures 

Now is the time to discuss some important armchairs that are good for your back posture. So let’s take a look at these supportive chairs:

Aysgarth Armchair

This best armchair for back pain comes with a padded cushion that supports your spine and maintains back posture. Moreover, this chair is a combination of support and relaxation that not only improve your back but also your overall well-being.

Penrith Armchair

This chair comes with 3 tiered back cushions to offer more support and comfort to your back. Moreover, this chair offers more rest to your arms and keeps them in a natural position. Also, it allows your feet to touch the floor.

Ripley Armchair

This best living room chair for lower back pain is reliable with enough support to your back and spine. The back pillows are luxurious, durable, supportive and safe to maintain your back posture.


We have gone through the causes of back pain and the best armchairs to treat your back pain issue. You must keep in mind that all chairs are not a good fit for your back.

So you need to consider some factors such as quality, dimension, adjustable features and more. Also, you should check the durability and price of the best armchair for back pain to know which chair comes under your needs and budget.

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Related FAQs:

What features should I look for in an armchair to support my back?

Make sure to check the adjustable lumbar support, a backrest and a well-padded armrest to get optimal support and decrease stress on your back.

Is it better to choose an ergonomic armchair for back pain relief?

Yes, an ergonomic chair is the right option to maintain natural spine alignment and better body posture. Also, this chair gives relief to your back for an extended period.

Are there specific materials that are more suitable for back pain sufferers?

Yes, you should buy an armchair with padding and memory foam that is more suitable for back pain sufferers. These materials are supportive and enhance the overall comfort.

Can I test an armchair before making a purchase to assess its comfort for my back?

Yes, it is really recommended to test an armchair before purchasing it. This case is more necessary if you have a back pain issue. So sit on the chair and check different features and comfort levels.